More About New Star Soccer

by Pavel Vetrov
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Ever heard that quote ‘Simple is the new sexy’. Well, nothing undermined this can surely be said for this simple yet addictively fabulous game, New Star Soccer.

Popularity OfThe Game

One more notable thing about this game is

  • It has received more than 2 million reviews and more than half of them, that is around 1 million+ of them are from the people who have given it 5 stars, not just that the total download count for this game also strikes to more than 10 million and the average rating is of 4.7/5. With these credentials, it’s obvious the game is super-fun.
  • The size of the game is not very much; it is about 60MB.

About The Game

  • It’s not some ordinary soccer game where you are just running before a ball just to secure a goal in return, instead the developers have tried their best to make it more happening by adding many features like – You have to keep up with your team, the staff, coaches and ensure a proper relationship and sportsmanship as you see on the real action ground.
  • Every kick is embedded with an upcoming challenge and more thrill, and you just have to suit-up yourself to grab the best on the ground.

Be ready to face and cope up with exciting twists and dilemmas along the way.

What’s more in the store? Well, you can also try your if works, by gambling your winnings in the casino, there is everything to be yours after winning.

Explore the sinister bribes and retire eventually to set up a new career game score, it’s a short of mini life you are living through the New Star Soccer.

The best part of this game resides in the fact that unlike other sport-themed based virtual games you won’t get bored of playing it, as it is quite addictive and you will have to wait for a battery to give up to conclude!

If you’re looking for a fun and competitive game to play with friends or family, this is it! The simple design of the app makes it easy to learn and there are so many different levels that will keep your brain engaged. You can find New Star Soccer Game on Android devices in Google Play Store or Apple store as well. We hope you enjoy playing our new game!

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